In How to Lose a Marathon, Joel Cohen takes readers on his step-by-step journey of transformation from confirmed couch potato to whatever type of potato can finish a marathon (Russet? Red Bliss). Through a hilarious combination of running tips, narrative, illustrations, and infographics, Cohen breaks down the misery of frcing yourself to accomplish a goal. This book deals with all facets of running: chafing, the best times to run, the myth of the “runner’s high,” the phenomenon known as the “Oprah Line,” and the torture of the pre-marathon expo. Through it all, Cohen acts as your satirical guide to every aspect of the runner’s experience. By offering both real advice and genuine commiseration with runners of all skill levels, Cohen shows that even you can survive all 26.2 miles of a marathon…because somehow he did.

JOEL H COHEN is a writer and producer for The Simpsons. He is the winner of two Emmy Awards and three Writer’s Guild Awards. He also proudly (and barely) completed the 2013 New York City Marathon.

“You’ll love the bits about me. I did. Anything not about me, read at your own risk.”
—Christopher McDougall, bestselling author of Born to Run and Natural Born Heroes